Anja Hertle mosaic artist

I have been a maker of colourful stuff since birth. After a childhood in Germany, a background in design and working in acrylics, my love for mosaics was awakened and I have been hooked on this expressive medium for over twenty years.

Working with pieces of other people’s lives in the form of broken china and pottery, which they leave on my studio’s doorstep, is very satisfying as I am giving these elements a second life and keeping loads of materials out of the landfill. I also incorporate forks, buttons, bottle caps and type writer keys, which makes me a borderline hoarder but also an environmentally engaged artist.

I particularly enjoy creating artwork that evokes a special memory, be it my client’s family home, farm or cottage incorporating some of their family’s china, something people have a deep connection to. I love the interpretation of home, houses of any size and shape and appreciate the beauty of nature.

 Commissions are always welcome.


Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, Edmonton, Alberta      “Serenity"

The Arts in Healthcare, Friends of University Hospital Organization commissioned Anja to create a large scale mosaic to hang in the Donor Appreciation Area in the new Heart Institute. The design was created to incorporate the Donor’s love for the Jasper Park Lodges as well as provide an interesting visual for patients awaiting treatment. The mosaic is divided into three distinct pieces with each one divided further into smaller panels for ease of installation. Two panels are high up to be viewed well from a distance with the third piece at eye level, available for touching. Numerous materials were used including tile, ceramic dishes and collectibles ( notice the dove and owl on the tree), stained glass, beads and buttons. The large piece depicting the Lodges is 4’-0” tall by 10’-0” wide, the Tree is 7’-6” tall by 4’-0”wide and the Lamp Post is 6’-0” tall by 2’-0” wide.

Where to find Anja’s Art

Shops & Galleries

Meta4 Gallery for Contemporary Crafts
Peterborough & Port Perry Locations

Anja’s Studio 
Please contact the artist to arrange a visit!
10821 County Road 2, Grafton

Art Salad

 a  visual smorgasbord in Grafton 
June 5th and 6th 

10821 County Rd 2,


Apsley Autumn Studio Tour 

September 18th and 19th
10:00- 5:00

Fall/Winter 2021 Workshops for Adults in Grafton

I have been able to rent the Vernonville Community Center at 112 St. George Street in Vernonville, 10 min east of my studio. Proof of vaccination and ID will be required to enter the building.
Classes are kept small to 8 participants, masks must be worn inside.  Hand sanitizer will be available. Contact information will be collected as required by the municipality. Each participant will have their assigned sanitized tools and prepared materials/supplies.
The cost will be $125, a small increase due to the small class, extra time needed to prepare tools, materials and rental fees.

You can choose from these projects:

1.) 10”x10” Mosaic Indoor Wall Art Piece 
2.) Outdoor Mosaic Birdbath using a 10” ceramic base 
3.) 10” x 10” Outdoor Mosaic Wall Art Piece 
4.) Choice of 3 Ornaments ( gnome, owl, bird, cardinal, loon, hummingbird, bee, angel, snowman, santa, christmas tree)

You will use recycled materials like tile, china, stained glass, beads and buttons to create
your own unique design. Please bring your lunch and drinks. We are unfortunately not allowed to serve coffee or treats at this point. If you are not able to return for grouting, I will show you how and send you home with a bag of grout!

Date A:  Saturday October  23rd 10-4  and Sunday October 24th 10-12 grouting

Date B: Saturday November 13th 10-4 and Sunday November 14th 10-12 grouting

Date C: Saturday December 4th 10-4 and Sunday December 5th 10-12 grouting

To sign up for these workshops, please call (905) 349-1032 or e-mail at
Payment must be received to hold a spot. e-transfer or cheque accepted. 


 Mosaic Teaser Workshop

This is an opportunity for you (age 8 - 99) to give making mosaics a try! You get to create a 6” x 6” wall art piece of your own design using precut recycled china, pottery, tile and adding beads and buttons. Grouting will be demonstrated and a bag of grout is included.
Cost $35.00   All precautions will be taken as stated above including keeping classes small.
It’s a great way to spend a creative afternoon with your friends and family.
Proof of Vaccination and ID is required to enter the Vernonville Community Center where classes are taught.

Date A:  Sunday October 24th    1:30-4:30

Date B:  Sunday November 14th     1:30-4:30

Date C: Sunday December 5th 1:30-4:30 

Gift Certificates!
A workshop is a great gift of an experience. Contact me and I will email you a coupon for your loved one!

School Program- on hold for the 2019/2020 school year

I will come out to schools as a visiting artist and share my passion and knowledge by enabling the children, as young as kindergarden and up to Grade 12, to create their own whimsical 6”x6” mosaic art piece. Each session will start with a short age appropriate introduction to the history of mosaics, a gallery talk where I will share some of my recent works, followed by an explanation of the technique involved.

All the materials, pre-cut tile and dishes as well as beads and bobbles, glue and of course the wood base will be provided. The theme of the artwork can be geared towards the curriculum such as bugs, flowers, landscapes, whatever your class may be studying at the time. This particular art form fits well into the study of the environment as most of the materials are reused or recycled. Students are encouraged to bring broken dishes, beads or bottle caps etc from home to incorporate into their artwork....just no glass please!

For the older students I will set up a cutting station to give the tile nippers a try, complete with goggles for safety. I will then take all the art pieces back to my studio to grout, as grout is very dusty and corrosive and thus not suitable for classroom work. Unless the older students would like to give the grouting a try. The finished pieces will be returned in two weeks time.

Each workshop session takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs and costs $12 per student with a minimum charge of $250 per class. E-mail for further information at


Legacy Projects

I particularly enjoy working on legacy projects which are permanently displayed in a school or other public building. They usually involve the entire school body or a certain grade, are specifically designed for their location and require lots of creativity and imagination. The cost is based on each project individually.